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Welcome to Health Education 11B! This area of study will affect your personal well-being throughout your life. Each year as you mature, you become more responsible for your health and family members’ health. You need to understand the different choices pertaining to health and safety and to decide which choice is best.

You also need to know current information. Health information is constantly changing due to advances in medical technology, ongoing research, differing health-care providers, and various environmental situations. This course will cover the following topics:

I hope that this course will help you to start thinking about healthy choices; after all, how you treat your body now will affect your health in the future.

In addition to learning more about the study of health, you will learn how to manage your time to stay on task. Taking an independent study course means that you are responsible for doing the course work without a teacher standing over you. Work out a timetable that suits your needs and stick with it. You can use the “Making a Schedule” form provided on the Syllabus.